Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Everyday I get a good laugh out of the things my kids say. One day last week we were writing biographies about our family. I asked the kids to tell about what their siblings favorites are...favorite color, holiday, food etc. So one of my boys...a small and naive little thing...brings his paper over for me to edit. He told me he was writing about his baby brother. Down on the paper I saw the words, "booby milk." I asked him what he meant by this because I thought he just misspelled something. He said that that is what his brother eats...booby milk. I couldn't stop laughing at how simply and 'matter of factly' he said it.

One of my other girls was writing about her sister and how she dates a lot. She was comparing her sisters and how one sister doesn't date and the other dates a lot. She said her sister that dates had two boys that were after her. The girl in my class wrote, "I don't know why she dates a lot. I think it is because she wears lots of perfume. I don't know why she does that." So I began thinking, "Wow if that is all you have to do then I am in." If only it were that easy.

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goodbyes said...

That's it! Perfume AND EYE CONTACT!!
Booby milk---hilarious. Whatever happened to parents using the correct pronunciations for these things. :)