Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Everyday I get a good laugh out of the things my kids say. One day last week we were writing biographies about our family. I asked the kids to tell about what their siblings favorites are...favorite color, holiday, food etc. So one of my boys...a small and naive little thing...brings his paper over for me to edit. He told me he was writing about his baby brother. Down on the paper I saw the words, "booby milk." I asked him what he meant by this because I thought he just misspelled something. He said that that is what his brother eats...booby milk. I couldn't stop laughing at how simply and 'matter of factly' he said it.

One of my other girls was writing about her sister and how she dates a lot. She was comparing her sisters and how one sister doesn't date and the other dates a lot. She said her sister that dates had two boys that were after her. The girl in my class wrote, "I don't know why she dates a lot. I think it is because she wears lots of perfume. I don't know why she does that." So I began thinking, "Wow if that is all you have to do then I am in." If only it were that easy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. George

We went to In N Out in St. George-the only one in Utah. I would kill for those animal style burgers!

The first night we had a motel reserved through Tracy's parents time share. It was a sweet deal. So we get there at midnight and they had overbooked us. What's up with that? Can they do that? So they offered us smoking rooms and we said no. After hours of trying to get a hold of people, Motel 6 was the last ditch effort at getting a cheap place to sleep for the night.

I never knew how be-a-u-tiful the St. George temple is. It was a beautiful sunny day and the temple was so white and grand. There were also like ten brides there, so I would not recommend getting married there...

I was surprised that there was no Angel Moroni. I can't remember the story behind that, but I think it's the only temple that doesn't have one. I love this temple.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My 24th Birthday at Goodwood!!!

The boys took my camera and were making dumb faces..

The whole gang...good to see some old friends!

Rob would put his face in the picture..what a goof.

Some of my most favorite people in this world were there.

Leave it to me to make a dumb face:}

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I just had to tell everyone something funny that happened to me today. I was helping one of my students read a story about birds and answer questions. He has a hard time spelling words. One of the questions was, "What do birds eat?" He answered the question and wrote it down. I looked at his paper and it said 'in sex...'

I freaked out and asked him why he had written sex on his paper. He said, "Look teacher, I wrote insects on my paper." I just thought it was so funny that he wrote insects as 'in sex." The other students wondered what I was laughing about...I just kept them guessing.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quote of Inspiration

"Often doors have closed before you that seemed to lead to the opportunities you thought you had to have. You may have assumed that the closed door was a reflection of some inadequacy in yourself; but perhaps the closed door had nothing to do with whether you were good or bad or capable or incompetent. Rather, even now a loving Father shapes your path according to a prearranged, premortal covenant; the opening or the closing of these various doors is dependent on the Lord's perfect perception of your developmental needs..."

President Monson

"When you know your life is in line with the Lord's wishes, you become content with yourself and accepting of those around you; you gain a clearer sense of your situation in life and what direction to take. You learn that many of the seemingly important things you stubbornly hang on to are not so critical after all. And when you finally let go of them, you feel a burden lifted."

"A person can spend a lifetime asking the whys and whatifs of an experience. But placing life's events in God's hands helps us keep an eternal perspective that gives meaning to even the most senseless experiences."

Richard Paul Anderson

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Parents Indoctrinating Children

Wow! That's all I can say to the BYU/Utah Rivalry. I thought it would be fun to wear my BYU shirt on Friday, the day before the big game, to show support for my Cougars. Well, I was rudely awakened when I had to almost take my shirt off because it was causing so much craziness at my school. Kids were fighting before school over the rivalry. Almost every child was either wearing BYU or Utah gear and each parent that brought their child to school was as well. And I must say that it was dominately Ute. These kids don't even know anything about the schools, they just hear their parents. These parents indoctrinate their children with ideas about their school of choice and the children support it to the death. Kids were telling me they hated my shirt and that Utah was going to kick butt...which they did. All I know is that people need to teach their kids more important things like math facts and reading instead of so much time indoctrinating them with ideas about their college teams.
Sometimes you need people to believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. I have been feeling very burnt out and unmotivated by teaching the last couple of weeks. I was really loving it for a while, but now I think I just need a good break...yeah for Christmas. But anyway, so I just started telling myself that I am not meant to do this, or not cut out for it. But I have had my principal tell me otherwise as well as my BYU instructor.
My principal saw one of my math lessons..aagh..I struggle to teach math. She came in afterwards and told me she wasn't supposed to talk to me about it yet, but that it was one amazing lesson and perfectly linear. I couldn't believe this..it was like someone else was teaching one thing and I was on the sidelines seeing something completely different.
Then my BYU instructor saw one of my lessons and said that I just looked like a teacher and had some of the best plans she had ever seen.
So even though I struggle to know this is my life-long path, I have cheerleaders on the sidelines telling me that I can. They tell me I was born to do this job...I just need to believe it myself...but for now, I can lean on their beliefs.